Trip to Virginia (3): Shopping

The next day began with breakfast. It was a cinnamon roll, some fruit, and tea. I loved it!


I didn’t know what my BFF and her family had in store for me during my stay. However, to be honest, I was up for experiencing a typical American life. They kindly understood my wish, and my BFF and her daughter took me to a shopping mall.

First, we went to the bookstore Barnes & Noble. I looked for educational materials there. Every book seemed interesting to me, but I did not buy all. The thing is, I wanted to pack light. I found an interesting slang book and bought it.

After that, we visited Short Pump Mall and got pumped up! The mall had all the bells and whistles. For starters, we needed to grab a bite to eat before shopping. We went to Chick-fil-A for lunch. The nuggets and French fries were so good that I pigged out on them. We visited trendy stores such as Justice, Hollister, Bath & Body Works, and Calendar Shop. My BFF’s daughter showed me Generation Z teen pop culture. (From now on, I’ll call her Miss Fairy in this blog. The thing is, she likes fairies and cute things.) It was fun to hang out with her in the shopping mall. It was chilly, but luckily, there was a fireplace outside. So we chilled out there.

The fireplace where we chilled out

After leaving the mall, we shopped at Party City for New Year’s Eve decorations, even though we were not exactly party animals. We got New Year headbands and noise makers. Afterward, we went to a grocery store called Kroger. I loved grocery shopping with my BFF. On the way home, Miss Fairy taught me slang, using the slang book. She was a very good teacher. She knew slang inside out. When I used slang properly, she clapped her hands and said “A+,” which motivated me to learn more. We studied together until we got tired and hit the sack. She was definitely my go-to teacher!

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