Virginia days (12): At home and bookstores

After coming home from the garden, my BFF cooked a delicious dinner. She is really good at roasting and baking in the oven. What is more, she is well-organized and quick! I only helped with a salad.

Spicy pork
Freshly baked bread
Sweet potato with cinnamon
Salad, the only dish which I helped with

Next morning, I ate corn grits for breakfast. I loved them with cheese and pepper added.

Corn grits

That day, I spent a whole day at a bookstore, Barnes & Noble. I entered the store as soon as it opened. I spent a lot of time at the business, science and education sections. Luckily, I found some good books for my research and work. It was so exciting to see a whole bunch of books in the store that I totally forgot about the time. Before I knew it, it was mid-afternoon. I took a rest at Starbucks Coffee inside the bookstore. I enjoyed the snack while reading the books I had bought.

Bagel and chai tea

I left the bookstore early evening. My BFF picked me up. I showed her the books I had bought and explained excitedly how they were interesting to me.

After arriving home, I was with Miss Fairy and observed how a high school student studied at home. As a teacher, I was interested in school education in the U.S. She was studying world history, and it was definitely  in a Gen. Z way! She is tech-savvy. She showed how she used her computer to do and submit her homework and contact teachers. In addition, she kindly showed me how to create quizzes online so that I could make good educational materials.

Afterwards, we started cooking. My BFF cooked black beans, I cut vegetables, and my BFF’s husband grilled shrimp. The dinner was colorful and delicious!

Black beans
Grilled shrimp
Grilled shrimp tacos (if you wrap them up!)

There were two more exciting events that evening.

First, my BFF’s neighbor, Ms. L visited us along with her friend and dog. She gave me some pine cone flowers of her own making, which were very heart-warming and pretty. We sat in the living room and enjoyed talking. How nice it was being with such nice people and their sweet dog!

Second, my BFF’s family and I went to 2nd & Charles, which sells used books and other interesting items such as toys and old postcards. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find books I had wanted. However, it was intriguing to see American culture there.

What a fulfilling day it was!

(To be continued…)