Virginia days (11): Botanical garden 2

In the botanical garden, I enjoyed a scenic walk on a winding path in the lush woods. I saw some squirrels nimbly running around and woodpeckers busily pecking. There were benches here and there. How wonderful it would be to read a book sitting on a bench under a tree!


The path led me to a pretty garden, where the garden staff were planting young pansies. Near this garden, I found an elegant hand-carved gazebo built as early as the 19th century.

Hand-carved gazebo

I found autumn decorations made of natural materials around the carriage house. The last time I came here in December 2017, it was freezing cold. I remember drinking hot chocolate, which warmed me up, and having a nice conversation with a staff member there. In autumn, the atmosphere was very different with colored leaves. The garden in autumn was warm, pleasant, and graceful.

Cute graffiti

It was also nice to walk around the lake. The lake was picturesque from any viewpoint, but I especially liked the view with a tree house. There was also a Japanese garden by the lake. I imagined how wonderful it would be if my BFF visited Japan someday and we could explore Japanese gardens together.

Lake and tree house
Japanese garden

(To be continued…)

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