Virginia days (10): Botanical garden 1

That evening, my BFF and I visited her friend’s home. She was very friendly and warm-hearted. I met her sweet children, too. While I was staying with them, I learned many important things, which would influence my way of life and career in the future. I will never forget her warm hospitality.

The next morning, I went to a grocery store Kroger and bought some stuff for my friends back in Japan. I enjoyed a shopping spree there. I bought some soap bars, wax melts, scent bags, as well as some Halloween and Thanksgiving cards. The soap smelled like shea butter and vanilla; and the wax melts and scent bags had vanilla and cinnamon scents. I really like spicy American fragrances, so I wanted to take them back home. No wonder my suitcase was full of American fragrances!

Pumpkins on sale at a supermarket

After that, I went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, which is voted America’s #4 public garden by USA Today. First, I had a garden salad out on the patio of Garden Café. The weather was nice and perfect for an outdoor lunch.

Garden Café
Garden salad with fresh vegetables

I enjoyed strolling around the garden, taking pictures of the flowers. I explored the garden, while looking at the map. I liked walking through the rose garden, the serene woods, and along the lake. There were some schoolchildren led by their teachers around the conservatory. The garden was very large. In some areas, I saw older people once in a while and we said hello to each other. I can tell how the botanical garden is loved by people of all ages. In other areas, I was alone. I sometimes felt as if I had the garden to myself. What a luxurious time it was!


The way leading to the conservatory was full of pink and purple flowers.






I finally came to the conservatory. At the entrance, there is a small lotus pond. Inside the building, you can see various cacti and orchids, which are all well maintained.








Getting out of the conservatory, I stepped onto a walkway where some inspiring words were engraved. I liked every word. These are words I really want to cherish in my life.


Now I came to a rose garden. It had more than 1,500 roses. They were just in full bloom!




(To be continued…)