Trip to Virginia (4): Family get-together

One evening, my BFF, her husband (let me call him Mr. M) and children (let me call them Miss Fairy and Luca), and I went to meet up with Mr. M’s family for dinner at a restaurant called O’Charley’s. His mother, father, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew were there. We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed talking with each other. I got to know the nephew. He was a graduate student who was interested in Japan. I hope he will come and visit Japan someday!


After dinner, we visited Mr. M’s parents’ house with its beautiful classic interior design. I was impressed with the sophisticated style and interior decorating, but what surprised me most was that the father had painted the walls and the mother had sewn the curtains.

We met three cute doggies there. We warmed ourselves in front of the fireplace. Miss Fairy and Luca looked delighted when they opened Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree. We adults enjoyed chatting. The doggies were dozing off from the gentle heat from the fireplace. I was immersed in the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

It was a peaceful and cozy time. I will never forget the time I spent with my friend’s wonderful family.

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