Virginia days (1): Flight

I went on a trip to the U.S. this month. The purposes of the trip were to get immersed in American life and brush up on my English, to do some research related to my business, and, most excitingly, to see my BFF and her family. It was a great trip!

My trip began with a flight from Osaka.

Artificial islands in Hanshin Industrial Zone
Ria coastline somewhere around Mie

I like flying. I enjoy looking out the window and checking how the wing, including the flaps, spoilers and ailerons, works especially during take-off and landing. 

After a short flight, I landed at Narita. 

Then I flew from Narita to Washington D.C. (Dulles).

At first, I enjoyed looking out the window, but the night came quickly. So I closed the window shade and watched some movies. After a while, I tried opening the window shade without expecting to see anything. This was when I saw countless stars twinkling out there. I was delighted! The Big Dipper was just beside me. As the airplane moved forward, it always followed me (at least until I fell asleep).

Finally, the morning came.

After eating an American breakfast, the airplane started descending. The farm landscape looked very similar to that of Hokkaido.

Farms and town
Towns near Washington D.C.

After a long flight, I finally arrived in America!

(To be continued…)

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