Trip to Virginia (10): Last day in Virginia

While Miss Fairy and Luca were at school, my BFF, Mr. M and I took a walk with “Puppy”. I liked strolling in the woods. Although it was winter, the woods were never lonely. I heard birds singing and saw many squirrels going up and down trees restlessly. I imagined how beautiful the woods will be when spring comes.

My trip was drawing to a close. I was going to miss my BFF and her family. I had not seen my BFF and Mr. M for 17 years. Nevertheless, once I heard their voices, I felt as if I had gone back to the old me. It felt very natural to be around them. Time did not matter. My BFF and Mr. M have always been my ideal couple. Now that they have two wonderful children, they are my ideal family!

Both of the children were very kind to me. Luca showed me how to play Pokémon. I liked him talking about his favorite Pokémon characters. Miss Fairy taught me many things about American culture, school life and American slang. We hugged many times! When I had a stomachache (just because I ate way too much delicious American food), both of them worried about me. Thanks to their thoughtfulness, I recovered quickly.

Puppy was also kind to me. In the morning, he opened the door of my room and woke me up. While I was eating something at the table, he was at my feet. He kept a warm, friendly eye on me.

The most important thing I learned from my trip was love. We took a family photo together before my BFF and I said goodbye to the family and left for Washington D.C. We stayed overnight at a hotel in D.C.


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