Trip to Virginia (7): New Year’s Eve

After coming back from the garden, my BFF and I started cooking. We cooked shrimp creole. My BFF chopped onions, while I sliced peppers. Obviously, her work must have been tougher than mine. Thanks to her great job, the family and I were able to eat delicious dinner. We also ate chocolate cake and celebrated New Year’s Eve.


After dinner, everyone sat by the fire. Luca showed me how to play Pokémon cards. Unfortunately, it was so complicated that I could hardly understand anything. Afterward, Miss Fairy and Luca showed me how to play Minecraft. I got a rule, but I was so awkward that I could not build any structures. They kindly repaired my strange products and filled up holes. (I often dug a hole by mistake.) They built a fancy house for me, furnished it with furniture, including beds and sofas, and a fireplace. They even planted flowers in the yard. How thoughtful they were!


We drank non-alcoholic champagne and ate s’more that my BFF roasted. We turned on TV, put on New Year headbands, and blew noisemakers to count down to the new year!
Happy New Year 2018!!

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