Trip to Virginia (2): Christmas lights

In the evening, we drove through downtown Richmond. My BFF, her family including “Puppy” (the cairn terrier I mentioned earlier), and I were together. We passed by the Edgar Allan Poe Museum and several government buildings.

We dropped by “Christmas on Wendhurst” house in a nice neighborhood. The owner family was displaying numerous Christmas lights and decorations around the house. They were a winner of the national contest, The Great Christmas Light Fight, ABC TV in 2016. This year’s display included over 170,000 lights with 1,326 homemade decorations! It was absolutely spectacular!!


We finally reached home. We had dinner together. I loved the sweet potato casserole. After dinner, I enjoyed watching the children dance in the living room until midnight. They were great dancers! It was so much fun that I could not stop laughing. I was very happy to be there with the sweet family.

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