Butterflies undergo metamorphosis through four stages of development.

  1. Egg: Adults lay eggs on a leaf of a plant.
  2. Larva: An egg hatches into a larva (caterpillar). It eats leaves and sheds its skin several times to become a pupa.
  3. Pupa: The pupa stays still and grows into an adult in a hard shell called a chrysalis.
  4. Adult: The chrysalis splits and the adult emerges.


  1. たまご成虫せいちゅうにたまごをうみます。
  2. 幼虫ようちゅうたまごがかえって、幼虫(アオムシ)になります。葉をべ、数回すうかい脱皮だっぴして、さなぎになります。
  3. さなぎ: さなぎはかたからなかでじっととどまり、成虫のからだに成長せいちょうします。
  4. 成虫: さなぎの殻れて、成虫が羽化うかします。
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Magnetism is a force generated by magnets that makes them attract or repel each other.

Magnets have two poles: a north pole and a south pole. When two magnets are placed close to each other, they will either attract or repel each other. If the poles are the same, they will repel each other. If the poles are different, they will attract each other.



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