Oni-oshidashi Park

Oni-oshidashi means “ogres pushing something out.” It is located at the foot of Mt. Asama.

In the park, there are countless huge rocks which were spouted as lava in the large eruption in 1783. Mt. Asama, whose top is covered with snow, looks calm now, but the gigantic rocks scattering around tell how violent the eruption was. No wonder people have associated the area with ogres.

The scenery of the park can be compared to a hell, but it is alive. It has developed a unique ecosystem. There are many tiny pine trees growing from the rocks. Some rocks have Schistostega pennata (luminous moss) on them. The rocks and the plants successfully coexist.

luminous moss

There are many stone lanterns along the path. In 1977, John Lennon took one of his famous family photos at one of them.

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