Virginia days (7): Folk Festival

The next day began with a scrumptious breakfast. My BFF baked chocolate chip muffins, which smelled so good.


Freshly-baked muffins

After breakfast, Miss Fairy, Luca and I played with Puppy. Then we left for downtown Richmond to see the Richmond Folk Festival.

We took the bus to the venue. There were many food stalls selling both international and local foods. I was attracted to an extremely colorful stall and ordered a cheeseburger there.


Attractive food stall
Succulent cheeseburger

Grabbing our food, we went to the Dance Pavilion. Musicians were playing blues and oldies on the stage. The performance was superb! In the audience area, I was introduced to my BFF’s acquaintance, who had once visited Japan more than 30 years before. It was very interesting and inspiring to talk with him. After that, he suggested we dance together. He, my BFF and Miss Fairy started to dance in the dance area. At first, I would rather have remained in the seat. However, when I saw them dancing joyfully, I couldn’t resist joining them! We danced to the great American music together.  (He said I was shaking it!)



The venue was on Brown’s Island between the James River and the Haxall Canal. Leaving the venue, we walked along the canal and across the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge, which commands a magnificent view of the James River.

Cobblestoned square
Scenic view of canal
CSX Railroad Viaduct built in 1901

Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War. You can find relics of old bridge piers sticking out of the James River. The bridges were actually used as evacuation routes at that time.

The James River with many rocks and relics from the Civil War
Signage showing evacuation routes in the Civil War

Enjoying music and learning American history, I had a fulfilling day.

(To be continued…)