Virginia days (6): BFF’s family

We arrived at my BFF’s house and saw the rest of her family – her husband, son, and dog “Puppy.” I was delighted to see them after almost two years’ absence! Strangely enough, everything felt the same as the last time. I felt as if I had come home! I was given a very comfortable room with an elegant bed. I was very grateful.

Afterwards, we went to a fancy restaurant called Sedona Taphouse for dinner. I savored the delicious food and nice atmosphere. I was very happy there with the family – so happy that everything seemed like a dream.

clam chowder
Exquisite clam chowder
Delectable Margherita flatbread

After coming home again, I was relaxing in the living room, when I was called to the dining room. As I entered the room, I got surprised! All the family started to sing the Happy Birthday song for me. There was a fabulous birthday cake on the table with candles lit. There was also a Happy Birthday balloon floating in the air. Their kindness and ingenuity warmed my heart. I felt as if I were still dreaming.

Scrumptious cake

My BFF and her family always show me what love is. What they do for me is always surprising. Staying with them, I felt fully replenished with love.

Birthday balloon*

*During my stay, my BFF’s son (let me call him Luca) and I played catch with this balloon. It was fun!

(To be continued…)