Enchanting flowers

Just before Christmas, one of my students’ mother gave me a beautiful bouquet. It is full of fresh flowers and green leaves. The flowers are enchanting, and their charm is beyond description.

I enjoyed taking photos of the flowers. I was especially fascinated by the velvety texture of the petals.


Everyone visiting my home is enjoying talking around the lovely flowers on the table. Thank you very much!

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Colorful flowers

The cherry blossoms are blooming everywhere in the neighborhood, but I have a lot of pretty flowers inside the home, too!

I received a bouquet from one of my students 12 days ago. Some flowers, which had still been in bud during the past 12 days, burst open. The roses, which had already been open, grew bigger and bigger.

I am enjoying being with the lovely flowers. They remind me of the happy days I spent with the student.









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Pink flowers

One of my former students, who is now a journalist, came over the other day. She brought me a beautiful, pink bouquet. The flowers are still blooming beautifully in my living room.

What lovely flowers! They imply the arrival of spring. I have taken many pictures, some of which I would like to show you.




It is always a great joy to see her. I want to cherish our precious friendship. I wish her a very very bright future ahead!

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My favorite colors and interior decorating

I like to decorate my room with flowers, whether they are fresh or artificial. My room is simple, but flowers add a nice touch to the interior. I like the color combination of pale pink and white.

I think my color preferences came from my experiences in Europe two decades ago. I gained inspiration from a building called Das Kurfürstliches Schloss or the Electoral Palace in Trier, Germany. Its pink and white Rococo façade made a strong impression on me. It looked brilliant and outstanding in the old city where there were many ancient Roman ruins.

Trier is an unforgettable city. It is where I first met my best friends, Melissa and Beth, from the U.S. We shared a room on the first night and visited historic sites together as part of a field trip. Maybe, the color combination of pink and white subconsciously brings back the treasured memories with my friends in Trier.

I think interior decorating can be compared to the process of painting a picture. I enjoy adding my favorite colors onto my canvas as I like.

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