My favorite colors and interior decorating

I like to decorate my room with flowers, whether they are fresh or artificial. My room is simple, but flowers add a nice touch to the interior. I like the color combination of pale pink and white.

I think my color preferences came from my experiences in Europe two decades ago. I gained inspiration from a building called Das Kurfürstliches Schloss or the Electoral Palace in Trier, Germany. Its pink and white Rococo façade made a strong impression on me. It looked brilliant and outstanding in the old city where there were many ancient Roman ruins.

Trier is an unforgettable city. It is where I first met my best friends, Melissa and Beth, from the U.S. We shared a room on the first night and visited historic sites together as part of a field trip. Maybe, the color combination of pink and white subconsciously brings back the treasured memories with my friends in Trier.

I think interior decorating can be compared to the process of painting a picture. I enjoy adding my favorite colors onto my canvas as I like.

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