Chiba Museum of Science and Industry

I went to the Chiba Museum of Science and Industry. My purpose was to learn about the industries of Chiba, especially, electricity, oil, and steel. The explanations on the panels and in the videos were highly informative and easy to understand. Besides, there were miniature models of a power plant, an oil refinery, and ironworks, which further helped me understand the history of how electricity and materials have been produced.

The exhibits on the second floor are about the history of industry. I enjoyed learning about oil and steel. The exhibits on the first floor are divided into two areas. The first one is to introduce the latest technology. I was especially interested in electronics and new materials. The second area is called the experimental plaza. It provides hands-on exhibits to teach scientific principles visually. It was especially fun to see how a water vortex was created in a huge transparent cylinder.

My visit was an absolutely fulfilling experience satisfying my curiosity. I came home with excitement about my new knowledge.

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