Makuhari Beach, Chiba

My family went to Makuhari Beach. We hung out on the beach, picking up seashells. It was very quiet. I enjoyed listening to the sound of waves, smelling the sea, and feeling the sea breeze.



We were looking for beautiful seashells, when we noticed there was a wooden soup bowl floating on the sea! I thought, “Oh dear!” We ran toward it and checked it for a tiny boy (one-inch boy) in it, but he was not there.

Do you know the Japanese folktale of a one-inch boy? In the story, the tiny boy wanted to be a samurai warrior and headed for Kyoto. He carried a sawing needle as a sword, rode on a soup bowl as a boat, and used a chopstick as a paddle. He made it to Kyoto and fought with an ogre. Finally, he got married to a princess. (For more details, please read the book!)


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