Chatting at a cafe in Kyoto

I visited Kyoto to see my long-time friend the other day. She is a professor who travels around the world. She happened to be in Kyoto for the time being, so I took advantage of this opportunity to see her.

We caught up with each other over a Kyoto-style lunch. I was eager to hear about her views on language education. I respect her for her extensive  experience teaching at universities, as well as her extraordinary skills in interpretation. She always inspires me by fostering my intellectual curiosity.

After strolling in Maruyama Park, we stopped by a historic building called Chorakukan. The stone façade of the building gave me the impression of solidity and solemnity. However, once I stepped inside the building, I found myself surrounded by a warm atmosphere. I was especially enchanted by the woodwork including curved railings and coffered ceilings. A live piano performance invigorated the atmosphere.

We were guided to a cozy room on the second floor, where we had delicious tea and cake. I liked the classical interior design and the fantastic view from the window. We talked and talked for a long time. Before we knew it, it was already dark outside. I had an unforgettable, precious time there.

Christmas decorations and Japanese lantern

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