Language education

I went to a British Pub in Osaka. I talked with a traveler from Denmark, who happened to be seated next to me. I learned many things from our conversation, especially about education in Northern Europe.

In general, there is a great difference between education in Japan and that in Europe. However, I can find many similarities between my upbringing and European educational methods.

I think that is partly because I attended a unique elementary school, which practiced  Steiner education. The students were encouraged to think and express themselves rather than to memorize things. We hardly ever used textbooks, nor had fixed schedules; instead, we were free to choose what to study. The teachers were supportive when we were in trouble, but basically, they encouraged us to be proactive. We had many discussions and gave many presentations in class.

I hope to bring a new perspective to language education in Japan. I hope  my English salon serves as a place where learners can speak freely and learn from each other.

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