My alma mater and exhibition

On January 15, I flew to Tokyo. This trip was for my work and studies. I was eager to learn about English education and engineering.

A new project was about to start at work. I had to solve the problems I was faced with before that. I had mainly two problems. One was about English education and the other was about engineering.

My first destination was my alma mater, Sophia University, where my friend was teaching a class.  I liked her lesson very much. When I said I was going to Tokyo, she kindly invited me to her class. The lesson was conducted in English. It was exciting to join class with young students.  It gave me many hints about teaching methods.

Although there were many new buildings “towering” over the campus, the old brick building called Building No.1 remained there as they used to be. I took a class, Speech & Writing, there about 25 years ago. When I was walking along this building, I came up with an idea. I decided to ask my students to write a journal, just as I had done when I was a student.

After getting inspired by my friend’s class and Building No.1, I headed for the second destination, Tokyo Big Sight. There was an exhibition on the electronics and automobile industries. I learned the things which I had really wanted to know.

I was able to find solutions to my problems through my trip to Tokyo.

Tokyo Big Sight

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