My teaching policy

I really enjoy being around my students. Some of them are really hardworking. I hope they take good care of themselves after my lessons, which are sometimes highly demanding.

I want to teach my students as many things as possible in a limited period of time. That is why I speak very fast during the lessons and try to read as many pages as possible. Besides, I assign them a large amount of homework to review the lessons and build up their vocabulary. I hope they will eventually achieve their goals after overcoming the difficulties they are now experiencing. At the same time, I hope they will realize what fun it is to study a language. I want to share the delight of learning a language with them some day.

As a teacher, I show my way of studying languages as an example, but I do not want to impose it too much on my students. Instead, I want my students to be proactive. I always welcome whatever questions they have to ask. Since I trust my students, I want to create a good atmosphere in the classroom to make them relax and less afraid of speaking so that they can be themselves. I believe every student has a great talent. If they cannot speak well, it is me who need to make more efforts.

I really appreciate my students’ great efforts. Thank you, everyone!

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