Izushi: Izushi Castle Ruins and Shrines

I went on a trip to Izushi. My mother and my maternal ancestors were from this region, so I would often go there when I was young. I felt nostalgic when I got in.

I took the Konotori Express and got off at Yoka Station. Then I took the bus to Izushi.


Getting off at Izushi Bus Station, I passed by two temples. One of them was Fukujoji Temple.

Temple bell

Then, I caught sight of a magnificent view of Izushi Castle Ruins.


On the top of the ruins, there is a shrine called Arikoyama Inari Shrine. I climbed the stone steps through the vermillion gates and reached the shrine. I was all alone at the shrine. It was silent and the air was cool and clear. I really liked the place.


I went down the steps and went further to another shrine called Morosugi Shrine. I found an omikuji box and drew one. Omikuji is a fortune-telling paper strip. Mine was “a little luck.” It said I should study hard, which was very convincing.


I liked the green carpet of moss.


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