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    The Akiko Method®Japanese and English Language Courses

    • 一人ひとりに合わせたプランニングとコーチング
    • 4技能全て伸ばす 聞く・話す・読む・書く
    • 初級から上級まで対応可能

    Through our planning and coaching specially tailored to you,
    you can make sure you have study time every day and develop your language skills steadily and naturally.
    Our courses are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.
    They are designed to improve the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
    You can not only learn grammar and vocabulary but also output what you have learned in compositions and video chats.
    We look forward to studying with you.


    • Thoughtful planning and coaching
      specially tailored to you


      The instructor makes a study plan for you, based on an understanding of your language goals and needs through communications on the chat platform. The plan may be revised as necessary depending on your progress.

    • Efficient studies based on
      the effective plan


      To master a language, it is important to make time to be exposed to the language even a little every day. Our study plan and daily support help you to pace your studies well and learn a language efficiently.

    • Follow-up questions and answers


      Whenever you have questions about your assignments, feel free to ask them on the chat platform. Reading our answers and explanations is the quickest way to get clarification and deepen your understanding.

    • Output practice through
      compositions and video chats


      Compositions and video chats are good opportunities for you to produce output. You can check your comprehension through output activities. Our feedback will motivate you to continue your studies.

    Do you …

    • Want to study but your motivation doesn’t last long?
    • Need someone to consult when you have questions while studying?
    • Want to speak the language confidently?
    • Want to study at home or on the train in your spare time?

    What you can do with The Akiko Method® Language Courses

    • 毎日フィードバックがもらえる だから、やる気が続く!
    • 学ぶだけでなくアウトプットできる だから、自信がつく!
    • 着実なステップアップで難しいと感じない だから、楽しい!


    Akiko Tanigaki

    Akiko Tanigaki (谷垣 晶子)

    Interpreter, translator, English/Japanese teacher/trainer

    Akiko Tanigaki is a native Japanese speaker. She has been teaching languages for more than 25 years. Her teaching method has been uniquely developed through her graduate studies in languages and linguistics; her own experience of learning more than five languages; her visits to language classrooms in Europe and in the U.S.; her simultaneous interpretation training; her career as an interpreter and translator; and her encounters with wonderful students from different countries.

    Akiko’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Sophia University (1998), including an exchange program at Salzburg College, Austria (1996-97), and a Master of Human and Environmental Studies from Kyoto University (2000). After withdrawing from her doctoral course in 2001, she started her career using her language skills. Based on her work experience at the Goethe Institut and other companies, she became a freelance translator/interpreter and worked with several agencies in Tokyo (2007-2015). Since 2016, she has been the COO of H&A Design, LLC. Having gained extensive teaching experience, she has been a passionate developer of new teaching methods.


     Standard planMonthly plan
    FeeJPY 48,400 (tax included)(JPY 12,100 per month)JPY 14,520 (tax included)
    Term4 months1 month
    Planning + coaching
    25-minute video chat (or real-time chat)4 times × 4 months4 times
    Writing correctionsOnce a dayOnce a day
    Follow-up questions(up to 50 words in English/100 characters in Japanese)Once a dayOnce a day

    <Benefit from Standard Plan> First-time customers can receive a 10% discount (4,840 yen off). This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.

    Benefit from Takarazuka City-Subsidized Project

    Residents of Takarazuka are eligible for a 10% discount!
    Please state whether or not you are a resident of Takarazuka when you apply.


    Can I start the course on any day of the month? When will my four-month course end?
    Your course lasts four months. For example, if you start your course on December 10, it will end on April 9. After that, you will not be able to chat, video chat, or submit compositions.
    I will not be able to finish all the four video chats within a month. Can I postpone some of them until the next month?
    In principle, it is desirable that you finish all of them within a month. However, if that is not possible due to unavoidable circumstances, please consult us.
    How many hours should I study every day?
    The curriculum is designed for you to study at least 30 minutes a day. However, we can adjust our study plan depending on your preferences and situations. Please consult us on the chat platform.
    Do I need anything to take the course?
    You will need a device, such as a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone, and an Internet connection. We will use Chatwork and Zoom as platforms for chats and video chats, respectively. You can talk with the video function either on or off.
    What textbook will I use?
    If you have a textbook you want to use, please tell us. The instructor can also choose and recommend suitable materials for you. Please consult the instructor.

    Course flow

    Please click the Register button and fill in the form. You will receive a bill via email. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email within three days inviting you to the chat platform.
    2.Start of the course
    The course starts on the day when the invitation to the chat platform is sent to you. All the communications for counseling and planning, video chat scheduling, assignments, follow-up questions and feedback are conducted on the chat platform. You can text at any time on the day, but you may have to wait until the next day for our reply.

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