Trip to Tohoku

My husband, who is an architect, is currently working in Miyagi Prefecture.  On a winter day, I went all the way to Miyagi to visit him and his associates. I was delighted to meet them after such a long journey and to find that he was working with such nice people.

I flew to Sendai Airport, and then took the Shinkansen train to go further northward. It was winter, so I enjoyed the beautiful snow scenery to my heart’s content.

I departed from Kobe Airport. As the airplane went northward, the mountains became snowier and snowier.





Here are some views from the Shinkansen. The rice fields were completely covered with snow.



After having a great time with those nice people, my husband and I left for home for the winter holidays.

Sendai Star Festival decorations in Sendai Airport Terminal
Lake Inawashiro
Craggy mountains

Back at home, we enjoyed the local specialties they gave us. They included a delicacy of Tohoku, which is literally “a Jewelry Box of the Sea,” and fluffy sponge cakes called “Hagi no Tsuki.”

Every time I pass by Miyagi while riding on the Shinkansen train, I remember the wonderful people there. I will always remember their warm hospitality.

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