Origami is a traditional Japanese papercraft. A square piece of paper is folded into various shapes. One of the most popular origami is cranes.

One thousand origami cranes strung together on strings are called senbazuru. Cranes are a symbol of longevity and good luck. Therefore, it is believed that if you fold one thousand origami cranes, your wish will come true. They are also made for others as a prayer for their recovery from illness.

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Coupy Pencils

Sakura Coupy Pencils are colored crayon pencils. Unlike ordinary colored pencils, they do not have wooden cases. In other words, the whole pencils are leads. They may sound like crayons, but they are actually not. They are erasable and sharpenable. Furthermore, like watercolor paints, the colors blend into one another on paper easily.

Coupy Pencils are one of the most commonly used coloring materials among Japanese children.

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