Landscape of Salzburg

I visited my parents. In their house, there are many watercolor paintings my mother painted as well as many oil paintings my father painted.

My father took up a new hobby last April. It is oil painting. The truth was, one of my sisters bought some painting tools for my mother. My father mistook them for his. He tried using them while my mother was out. He realized that it was what he had long wanted to do!

When he was young, he wanted to be an artist. However, he did not realize his dream because he had to succeed to his father’s business. Now that he is retired, he has got around to working on paintings. He has never taken lessons, so he has developed his own style.

Last summer, he painted a landscape of Salzburg for me. Although I liked it, he did not like it and painted another one last month. I received the new one and hung it on the wall today.

I spent a whole academic year in Salzburg in my early 20s. I went to college, crossing the bridge over the Salzach River, sometimes by bus and at other times on foot. Looking at the painting brings back my happy memories in Salzburg.

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