Brewery tour

Last week, I went on a factory tour in Kirin Brewery. Thanks to the tour, I now feel as if I were familiar with beer, although I can’t drink any alcohol because of my alcohol intolerance.

First, I leaned about the main ingredients of Kirin Ichiban: water, yeast, hop, and malted barley. Second, I learned about the brewing process, including mashing, lautering, boiling, and fermentation. Third, I learned how large each storage tank was. Finally, I saw the packaging line. I was attracted to the high speed canning line. It can seal 2,000 cans of beer per minute!

I enjoyed the brewery tour very much. If I had been able to drink alcohol, I would have enjoyed it even more!

Packaging line
Can filler
Bottle filler
Bottle inspector

Sunny day

On a sunny day, I went to a nearby residential area, which is famous for its rows of cherry trees. Many petals have already fallen. It is spectacular when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. However, I also like petals gently fluttering down in the breeze.


My family makes it a rule to visit this place at this time every year. However, since my husband had been absent in the last two years, we came here together for the first time in three years. Everything remained the same except that some houses were replaced with new ones. We enjoyed peace and quiet as we had done before. I hope we can come back next year too.



Tiffany enjoyed walking on the petal carpet. It was a calm, peaceful day.




Cherry blossoms in full bloom

I attended the entrance ceremony of my continuing education institute yesterday. In Japan, school starts in April. Accordingly, cherry blossoms are often associated with entrance ceremonies. In Kobe, where the campus is located, cherry blossoms were just in full bloom. I felt it was a perfect day for starting my new academic life.


Luckily, I made friends with a nice woman. Although our majors are different, we have something in common. Both of us are involved in education.

At the ceremony, a professor delivered a speech from the perspective of a developmental psychologist, which was impressive and inspiring. According to him, many adolescent problems are caused by a lack of self-esteem. No one is born with self-esteem by nature. They can develop self-esteem when they spend time with adults with high self-esteem. Therefore, we adults should have self-esteem so that we can inspire others in a good way.

His speech reminded me of my loving and tolerant teachers in my younger days. They did not try to instruct me what to do by means of words. Instead, they just taught me what life was like by showing how they lived. I was inspired and encouraged by them to start to live my own way. Before I know it, I am now older than they were. However, I always wonder if I am as good a teacher as they were.

After the ceremony, I took a train to downtown Kobe to go and see cherry blossoms in the Kitano area. It was a nice afternoon stroll.

Waking up the hill, I found mimosa blooming.

I enjoyed looking at different buildings with cherry blossoms in the Kitano area.

Shrine and cherry blossoms



Historic building with cherry blossoms


Lamppost and cherry blossoms




Boeing 787 (2)

Let’s take a look at the wings. They are made of CFRP. They are durable and flexible.


Landing and taxi lights at the wing root


Raked wingtip


Slats, flaps, and flap support fairings


Fuel tank


Flaps and flaperon


Fuel dump outlet and ailerons


Krueger flaps


Next, let’s have a close look at the fuselage. I was interested in every protruding part.



Cabin air compressor inlet


Pressure relief vents and static ports



Ice detectors


AOA sensor, TAT sensor, and pitot tube


I really enjoyed exploring around the airplane. The app was very informative and helpful. After getting home, I created a notebook dedicated to Boeing 787. I wrote down what I had learned in the museum and transcribed the contents of the app. I will continue to study airplanes with this notebook.


Boeing 787 (1)


At the museum “Flight of Dreams,” I enjoyed different exhibits. In particular, I liked “787 Dreamliner Explorer,” in which I walked under and around the airplane using an app downloaded on my smartphone. The app encouraged me to locate different parts of the airplane. I found all 63 parts listed on the app and won a prize. Now I can tell the locations and functions of each part. I took many pictures. Here are some of them. Imagine how excited I was!


Engine fan blades with a spinner cone


Jet engine nacelle


Exhaust nozzle


Wheels and tires


Landing gear retraction system


Strut door


Nosewheel steering actuator, landing lights and taxi lights


Vertical stabilizer and rudder


Horizontal stabilizer and elevator

(To be continued…)

Trip to Nagoya (1)

I flew from Tokyo to Chubu Centrair International Airport. The purpose of the trip was to learn about airplanes.

I stayed at a hotel adjacent to the airport terminal. I had reserved a room with a “runway” view. I was excited. However, because I arrived too late, there were few airplanes landing or taking off then.


The guest room was cozy.


The airport was quiet in the late evening.

The next morning, I woke up with the sound of airplanes! I was thrilled! I opened the curtains and saw many airplanes take off.


It’s busy now!


While watching airplanes, I drank some tea with a Tokoname ceramic teacup. Tokoname City, where the airport is located, is famous for its pottery.


After that, I went back to the airport. I went up to the observation deck to see the tarmac from a different angle. Finally, I made it to a museum called “Flight of Dreams,” which exhibits the first Boeing 787 airliner.


Trip to Tokyo

On January 15, I flew to Tokyo. This trip was for my work and studies. I was eager to study English education and engineering.

A new project was about to start. Before that, I had to solve problems I was faced with. I had mainly two problems. One was about English education, and the other was about engineering.

I arrived at Tokyo International Airport before 9:00 a.m. I love airplanes, so I enjoyed looking at these airplanes.


There are many airplanes, but …


actually, there are more!

Anyway, I left the airport for my first destination. It was my alma mater, Sophia University. One of my friends teaches there.  When I said I was going to Tokyo, she kindly invited me to her class. The lesson was given in English. It was exciting to study with young students. I liked her lesson very much. It gave me a lot of hints to my teaching methods.


The university is in Yotsuya.


Although there are many new buildings “towering” over the campus, this old building called Building No.1 hasn’t changed. I studied Speech & Writing there about 25 years ago. When I was walking along this building, I came up with an idea: Yes! I will ask my students to write a journal just as I did when I was a student! (That’s why my current students are writing their journal now.)

After getting inspired by my friend’s class and Building No.1, I headed for the second destination. It was an exhibition on the electronics and automobile industries. I learned many things there. They were what I had really wanted to know. I got motivated to study more to be a good translator/interpreter.


Around 7:00 p.m., I left Tokyo and flew to Chubu Centrair International Airport.