Day 18: Katakana (7)

Today we will study small letters. The first one is ッ. Small ッ represents a brief pause before the next consonant.

The other small letters are ャ, ュ, andョ. Small ャ, ュ, and ョare added to i-row letters to make palatalized sounds.


キャ、キュ、キョ (kya, kyu, kyo)
シャ、シュ、ショ (sha, shu, sho)
チャ、チュ、チョ (cha, chu, cho)
ニャ、ニュ、ニョ (nya, nyu, nyo)
ヒャ、ヒュ、ヒョ (hya, hyu, hyo)
ミャ、ミュ、ミョ (mya, myu, myo)
リャ、リュ、リョ (rya, ryu, ryo)

How about these four columns?


ギャ、ギュ、ギョ (gya, gyu, gyo)
ジャ、ジュ、ジョ (ja, ju, jo)
ビャ、ビュ、ビョ (bya, byu, byo)
ピャ、ピュ、ピョ (pya, pyu, pyo)

・Can you recognize each letter?
・Can you pronounce them properly?
・Can you write them properly?

Let’s learn 10 new words today.

チョコレート is chocolate.
キャンプ is camp.
シャツ is shirt.
チューブ is tube.
ショー is show.
カップ is cup.
ジュース is juice.
ギャロップ is gallop.

Here are some questions. What is メッセージ in English?

It is message.

What is コンピュータ in English?

It is computer.

Very good!

We will complete the whole set of katakana letters tomorrow. We are almost there!