Day 14: Katakana (4)

Today, you will learn the seventh and eighth columns: マ、ミ、ム、メ、モ、ヤ、ユ、ヨ.


マ、ミ、ム、メ、モ (ma, mi, mu, me, mo)
ヤ、ユ、ヨ (ya, yu, yo)

Try to write each letter with the correct stroke order.


・Can you read each letter?
・Can you write them correctly?


Let’s learn 10 new  words.

メモ is “memo.”
ハムスター is “hamster.”
モーター is “motor.”
ハーモニー is “harmony.”
ユニーク is “unique.”
タイヤ is “tire.”
ユニセフ is “UNICEF.”

Here are some questions for you.
What is ヨーヨーin English?
It is “yo-yo.”
What is mama in katakana?
It is ママ.
What is mini in katakana?
It is ミニ.

Good job!