Day 13: Katakana (3)

Today, we will learn the fifth and sixth columns: ナ、ニ、ヌ、ネ、ノ、ハ、ヒ、フ、ヘ、ホ.


ナ、ニ、ヌ、ネ、ノ (na, ni, nu, ne, no)
ハ、ヒ、フ、ヘ、ホ (ha, hi, fu (not hu), he, ho)

Try to write each letter with the correct stroke order.


・Can you read each letter?
・Can you write each letter correctly?


Let’s learn 10 new words.

コーナー is corner.
ナノ is nano.
ネクタイ is necktie.
ノート is note.
(Please note that ノート generally refers to “notebook” in Japanese.)
ヒーター is heater.
ナイフ is knife.
ハイテク is high-tech.
ホスト is host.

Here are some questions for you.
What is カヌー?

It is canoe.

What is ヘアケア?

It is haircare.

Well done!