Day 12: Katakana (2)

Today, we will study the third and fourth columns: サ、シ、ス、セ、ソ、タ、チ、ツ、テ、ト.


サ、シ、ス、セ、ソ (sa, shi (not si), su, se, so)
タ、チ、ツ、テ、ト (ta, chi (not ti), tsu (not tu), te, to)

Try to write each letter with the correct stroke order.



・Can you recognize each letter?
・Can you pronounce them properly?
・Can you write them properly?


Let’s learn five new words.

シーソー (shi-so-) is seasaw.
ソース (so-su) is sauce or source.
ステーキ (sute-ki) is steak.
Like ケーキ (cake in English), ステーキ sounds very different from the original one.

Guess. What is タクシー?

It is “taxi.”

What is チーター?

It is “cheetah.”

Good job!