Russian Christmas Party

I went to a Russian Christmas Party in Kobe, which was hosted by Russian Culture Center. Some of my Russian friends kindly invited me to the party and I was looking forward to it. I have been interested in Russian culture and have studied the Russian language since I made friends with them. So it was a precious experience for me to join the party.

As I stepped into the venue, I was overwhelmed by a huge New Year Tree (ёлка) and sweet children in fabulous costumes. All the children looked very happy and excited, which made me feel happy, too. After a while, they began to dance to Russian music.

That was when some characters appeared. They included a witch called Baba Yaga and her black cat, Ded Maroz, and Snegrochka. I particularly loved Baba Yaga. She was not only amiable but also educational. And her cat was charming, too. They sang different songs beautifully. I was fascinated by and glued to their performance. At the same time, I found myself soaked in the Russian world.

There was a concert, too. Some children sang Russian songs on the stage. They were amazing singers. I really enjoyed their performance.

As for the Russian language, to be honest, I understood less than 1% of their speech. However, I was delighted when I was able to catch some words I knew. This experience motivated me to study more.

I was happy to see how Russian people cherish and practice their tradition and culture in Japan. I was also impressed with their strong bond. I learned many things from the party. It was a precious opportunity for me to come into contact with Russian culture. I really admire and respect their great efforts to make this happen!

Спасибо за всё.
С наступающим Новым годом!

Actually, the more I study Russian, the more difficult I find it. I must admit that sometimes I feel like giving up. I think it is nothing but friendship that drives me to continue my studies.


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