Learning methods

There are many theories about learning languages. Some say that there are effortless methods. Others say that grammar is necessary. In my opinion, grammar provides you with a shortcut to language learning. It also helps you make sentences with confidence.

You can learn grammar when you feel it is necessary. It does not take so much time to master basic grammar. You can leave advanced grammar until later, but do not try to avoid learning grammar. Grammar is helpful. It is like your supportive friend.

On the other hand, when you speak, please forget about difficult rules. Don’t be afraid of making grammatical mistakes. The most important thing is that you can express what you want to say. You can use easy words and easy grammar. You can divide a long sentence into two or three short sentences. If your idea is difficult to say, you can use examples. Importantly, you can make a lot of mistakes. Mistakes create a relaxed atmosphere! Just enjoy speaking!

There are many methods to learn languages. Try methods that interest you!

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